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Commercial flooring is designed to be durable

To determine the best flooring for a commercial space, first consider the application. Some spaces, such as kitchens, require a strictly practical floor covering while others, like retail spaces, must be visually appealing as well. Cost and durability are two more important factors. Design consultants at Johnson’s Carpet & Tiling INC in Napoleon, Ohio, can review all flooring options with you. We have an experienced team of installers that can handle any commercial flooring job.

Practical flooring

Quarry tile is commonly used in commercial kitchens. This unglazed clay tile, which comes in a limited number of colors, is naturally slip-resistant and stain-resistant. Colors range from reddish-brown to tan to gray. Most brands of this cost-effective and durable flooring come in a standard square shape.
Quarry tiles are usually harder than ordinary clay bricks, and since they are not porous, they resist water. Tiles can be installed indoor or outdoor. While you only need a mop to keep quarry tile clean, it’s best to use a floor buffer periodically on vinyl composition tile. (VCT) This removes dirt and puts a new glossy finish on the floor. VCT is durable, tolerant of excess heating, and highly resistant to abrasion. It is often found in hospitals and department stores. Up-to-date designs and multiple shades are available.

Additional flooring options

Commercial carpet is a special class of carpet that is designed to handle extreme traffic. It is typically made with a tight loop and a short pile. To judge the durability of any brand of carpeting, consider fiber density as well as color and pattern. Look for 'density' on the product specification. The number should be at least 5,000 ounces per cubic yard for heavy traffic areas. Solid colors are least able to hide dirt and traffic patterns. Epoxy flooring, created by putting a thermosetting resin onto a concrete slab,is more versatile than carpeting.
Commercial Flooring  in Napoleon, OH area from Johnson’s Carpet & Tiling INC
This attractive, strong, and sanitary floor covering is ideal for disparate businesses like retail stores, manufacturing facilities, and research labs. Luxury vinyl is another versatile and attractive floor covering. It is available in planks and tiles that mimic hardwood, natural stone, and ceramic. This flooring is appropriate for commercial spaces that range from hospitals to restaurants.

Johnson’s Carpet & Tiling INC can install any type of commercial flooring. Each installer on our team has at least 25 years of experience so you can be sure that your project will be done right. We serve Napoleon, Deshler, Liberty Center, Toledo, and Defiance, Ohio. Give us a call or talk to our knowledgeable staff at our showroom in Napoleon.